Gau Gas creates energy from animal waste

Cooking with fossil fuels over an open flame is harmful to people and the environment, SustainEarth offers a biogas alternative.
Image Source: SustainEarth
Image Source: SustainEarth

SustainEarth uses innovative Biogas technology to provide affordable, clean cooking gas to rural communities in India. By naming it Gau Gas, the group of entrepreneurs have also set out to change the community’s perception of biogas products after a previous attempt to integrate it into their lives resulted in failure because the machines were not properly maintained.

“By rebranding the now-notorious Biogas product as Gau Gas and implementing new materials, new processes, and new technology SustainEarth will solve the problems faced by the last generation of Biogas users and perhaps change some minds about the usefulness of Biogas,” writes the company.

Their technology, the Gau Gas digester, is a low-cost hybrid flow biodigester that converts animal waste into carbon-free cooking gas. According to SustainEarth, its Gau Gas grid keeps track of the productivity of each unit, ensuring that they are also functioning optimally.

The system aims to turn organic waste like animal faeces into energy at 50 dairy farms in the district of Chittoor – the second highest milk producing district in India. “These people are dairy farmers and agricultural workers with families to support and communities that rely on them. The installation of our Gau Gas units in these types of homes benefit entire communities and changes people’s lives,” says the company.

The company recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project.