Garden charm

An indoor garden concept uses the soil below the house to bring a bit of greenery into the living space.

Indoor gardens can be very charming. Not only is it a great way to bring a natural life into your home, it also helps to improve the air quality.

Windowsill herb gardens have been popular for decades now and we’re seeing living walls taking root all over the place too but it’s not often that we see indoor gardens making use of the actual soil available below the house.

Brazilian landscape architect Juliana Freitas created a gorgeous indoor garden for the Casa Vila Real De Itu project, using the soil available directly below the living room.

To make this indoor garden possible the soil first had to be analysed and treated with natural fertilizer. A special irrigation system was also implemented to ensure that the plants are watered according to their individual needs.

The indoor garden has a metal and glass roof structure that incorporates a system which automatically opens and closes, depending on the weather conditions. The glass allows sunlight to reach the plants during the day.

An interesting concept, this indoor garden is only really suitable for large houses and office spaces. One advantage is that it is a lot simpler than vertical farming.