Futuristic car

Ross Lovegrove will reveal a futuristic car concept that combines nature and technology at the 2013 Milan Furniture Fair.

From the Series

The future is now for Ross Lovegrove as he designs a forward-thinking concept car for French car manufacturer Renault.

Lovegrove has furthered his desire to explore what can come about from combining inspiration from nature with advanced forms of technology.

The industrial designer took advantage of the latest digital design methods such as parametric modelling, which can generate extremely complex organic shapes, for designing a futuristic car concept that optimises visual design.

"Our intention is to reveal nature’s underlying blueprints and transfer them into a new design language," says Lovegrove. 

Lovegrove will be revealing his car concept at Milan Furniture Fair from 9 to 14 April 2013. Details are scarce as not even the name of the car has been revealed yet, only a few teaser images are revealed to the public, exciting all car lovers and those who appreciate advances in technology. 

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