A future where products are grown straight out of our skin

Designer Amy Congdon imagines a world where biotechnology has changed the way textiles are made.

Biological Atelier: The Showroom

As part of her speculative work, designer and researcher Amy Congdon envisions a future where materials are grown and our products are made out of cells, not fabrics. Her showcase titled Biological Atelier explores what biotechnology and biologically created materials could do for design. As a starting point, tissue generation could give designers the biggest set of complex new materials and tools they have ever had the opportunity to play with.

Congdon’s exhibition, Biological Atelier: The Showroom looks at bespoke biological textiles. Set in the year 2080, a range of seasonal jewellery is grown straight out of the skin of the wearer and cosmetic surgery has been replaced by tissue-engineered skin, embellished with precious stones.

Biological Atelier: The Showroom

According to Congdon’s website, the process of crafting the materials revealed new production methods and specialities that could be harnessed to create new aesthetics for a biological future. “With one of the most controversial sets of materials becoming available for manipulation i.e. our body, and those of other species, it could be argued that future fashion is grown from the ultimate commodity,” the statement reads.

Her exhibition launches in Manchester, UK on 9 June and runs until 28 August.