Furniture and flight at Milan2011

Here’s a sneak preview of what the Bouroullec Brothers will be presenting in Milan for Mattiazzi and Vitra.

Two new projects by the Bouroullec Brothers will be presented at the Milan Furniture Fair from 12 to 17 April 2011.

Osso for Mattiazzi takes a back-to-basics approach to chair design. The distinguishing factor of the Osso chair is the quality of the wood, The Brothers wanting this material, whether it was oak, maple or ash, to speak for itself.

Drawing in both a “greatly refined manual know-how” and sophisticated CNC tools, the Osso chair is highly sculpted and polished thanks to sophisticated digital equipment, but still invites to be touched.

The Osso collection includes a chair, armchair, high and low stools, and a chair for children. It was made using equipment powered by solar energy. Chemical treatments were also eliminated in the production of Osso.

The Bouroullec Brothers will also be showcasing L’Oiseau, a simple bird, for Vitra. The function of the bird is purely to be “pleasant company”. The Brothers maintain that they have always been fascinated by animal representations and think they form part of a necessary fantasy.

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