This fully customisable modular lamp fits the user's unique style

Plato Design's D-TWELVE is a versatile lighting system that fits in any setting.

Italian start-up Plato Design have developed a fully customisable, modular lighting system that can be shaped to fit the user’s preference. Founded by architects Alessandro Mattei and Caterina Naglieri, the design firm’s creation, titled D-TWELVE, is made up of several modular LED lights that can be connected in an endless variety of ways to create a lamp suited to the user’s individual needs.

“Shape D-TWELVE in unlimited forms, dimensions, orientations, materials and colours, according to your needs and taste: use a single or double lamp to brighten a table or build an amazing light sculpture with seven modules!” say the lamp’s designers.

The design is meant to mould to the user’s decorating style. To do this, it comes in three different materials: beech wood, concrete and screen-printed fabric. The materials can be mixed together or used individually.

Each individual module is dodecahedron-shaped with three magnetized sides that allow the connection between the modules and the passage of current from one to another. This means only one of the modules needs to be connected to the power grid.

The firm have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the project.