The frenzied and thought-provoking art of Peekasso

This artist takes a buoyant and frantic view of cultural subjects on the internet. With potentially seizure-inducing animations. (You have been warned.)
Peekasso glitch art

Peekasso is a German-American digital artist who creates fast-paced GIF animations in psychotropic style. Frenetic fluorescent colours, crudely Photoshopped figures of pop culture and enigmatic, intriguing statements of philosophy all form part of his "glitch art" method.

Peekasso’s visually assaultive GIF style plays on the unapologetic counter-culture that can only be found on the internet, far removed from any kind of censorship. He (real name Peter Stemmler) reduces complex social problems to ridiculous & mesmeric animated loops. Operating under the guise of hyperactive visual silliness, Peekasso makes subtle reference to real world problems.

Peekasso’s artworks act not only as veiled reactions to real-life events (such as major political elections or the effects of climate change) but serve as his own slightly unhinged documentation of the subjects that pervade the online world.

His preferred medium, the graphics interchange format, allows him to navigate rousing social arguments through absurd imagery and stylised memes. Stitching together furiously flashing colours in rapid succession dispels any aspiration to be taken seriously by the viewer, which in turn allows Peekasso to explore very serious subject-matter.