Fortunate tee

Fortune Cookies are fun. Now imagine a giant one with a cool, wearable gift inside.

Design student Fredrik Staurland’s Fortune Tee is a concept design for a T-shirt and packaging.

He uses a large Chinese fortune cookie to package the T-shirts that bear interesting slogans like “go ask your mom”, which represent the fortune inside the cookie. Instead of a piece of paper telling you your fortune, the T-shirt does.

Staurland says the Fortune Tee cookie is just like a real cookie. He explains that it starts with making a batter and shaping the batter into a big circle, which is baked for 15 minutes before the T-shirt is placed inside and folded.

Being a designer rather than a baker, Staurland found it somewhat demanding: “Making the cookie was quite the challenge since I’ve never even made a normal fortune cookie before, and the one I made was 10 times as big as a normal one. But I got it done eventually and I never thought that it would turn out that nice.”