Food fight: Neil Jewell

Chef and charcuterie expert Neil Jewell doubts whether those who get rich from mass production eat the food they make.

From the Series

Neil Jewell is the chef at the Bread & Wine Vineyard Restaurant on the Môreson Farm and acclaimed across SA for his charcuterie expertise. He believes in delicious, uncomplicated food.

What’s the biggest problem with the current food system?

I believe the problem with the current food system is that large industrial companies, who are buying out smaller producers, are slowly robbing us. People are becoming more accustomed to mass-produced, flavour-enhanced products, which often rarely resemble the original starting point. Farms are closing down and factories are taking their places, but who really wants to take their kids to a food factory, to stroke a poor manipulated animal in a cage, destined to be a ready meal, in a freezer near you, for your convenience?

What is right with mass production?

It feeds the masses, employs many people and allows a select few to get very rich, but how often do those select few eat their own products?