Food fight: Matt Allison

Industrialised farming methods has stripped fresh produce of its vitamins and minerals says urban farmer Matt Allison.

From the Series

Matt Allison is an urban farmer in Cape Town. His I Am No Jamie Oliver blog got going when he cooked his way through "Jamie Oliver’s 20 Minute Meals".

What’s right with mass production?

It makes a lot of money and food by producing it cheaply, but someone ultimately pays the cost of having "cheap" food, usually the end user, which is why we have so many preventative diet-related illnesses the world over.

What is the food of the future?

People rekindling a relationship with a purveyor or grower, having a tangible connection with food, where and how it is grown or raised. Cutting out the middle man will allow the end user access to better quality food and in turn help farmers command a better price for their produce.

Why do we think we need added vitamins?

Soil contains over 90+ minerals and trace elements, many of which are picked up by plants. When you strip your soil and pump only chemical-based NPK onto it or grow hydroponically, those elements and minerals are removed. Supplements are a great "band aid", but they don’t fix the cause, just the symptom.