Food fight: Martin Hablesreiter

Martin Hablesreiter thinks that Barack Obama himself should be dealing with food issues, not his wife.

From the Series

Martin Hablesreiter is one half of Austrian design duo Honey and Bunny, with Sonja Stummerer. Although they work in architecture, product and exhibition design, their primary focus and interest is in food design. Recently they published the book Food Design XL.

Why do we think we need added vitamins?

Because people tell us and because we are irritated with the food we eat. As omnivores we have the dilemma that we do not know what’s good for us. And it’s one of the most stupid things that 50 years ago people knew what was good.

Should we be talking about food, nutrition or eating?

Yes, it should be one of the most important topics we talk about. It’s much more important than banks or insurance – no money is bad but you can survive, no food means no life. People should talk about food as an aspect of culture, as the most important good, as business, as a design product of daily life… It’s not good that the USA president’s wife is dealing with food, while he does the “important politics”; food is the most important good we deal with!