Food fight: Jennifer Rubell

Artist Jennifer Rubell reckons that we lost control of our food culture when women left the kitchen for the workplace.

From the Series

Jennifer Rubell is an American artist who creates participatory art, often staggering in scale, sensually arresting, and employing food and drink as media. For instance: 1 ton of ribs with honey dripping on them from the ceiling; 2 000 hard-boiled eggs with a pile of latex gloves nearby to pick them up; 1 521 doughnuts hanging on a freestanding wall; a room-sized cell padded with 1 800 cones of pink cotton candy. She says:

The biggest problem with current food culture is that women are no longer at home in the kitchen. Making food from scratch at home used to be a job and there was a person assigned to do it. We thought we could delegate that job to restaurants and food companies, but in fact the job was a really complex and interesting one, with a lot of moral and ethical pitfalls, and corporations are probably the entities least likely to perform it well. So now, instead of having someone who loves us making our food, we have people who don't even know us making it. Obviously, women wanted to get out of the kitchen in the worst way, and I’m happy we did, but the void we left is real, and I don't see anyone filling it anytime soon.