Food fight: Janina Loeve

Janina Loeve believes that food is more significant to our social life and identity than health.

From the Series

Janina Loeve is a Dutch product designer with a special interest in furniture and food. She believes that design is about personality and value to everyday objects, emphasising materials, tradition, quality and sustainability. We asked her if the purpose of eating design is only to manage weight and biological health concerns?

No. Most people around the world don’t have to worry about having enough food to stay alive, while our body is still programmed to deal with times of scarcity. So health has stayed an issue, because of the amount of good food that is often easily accessible.

But food also has a role in our social life and we relate it to our identity. We are often much more driven to eat by these issues. In this context food design can make a change. If we can change the way we look at and experience different kinds of food, it can also change our health and maybe even have a positive influence on sustainability. Eating design can teach us more about the possibilities and make the right choices more seductive. Good food is much more beautiful!