Food fight: Han Feng

Fashion designer Han Feng would like to design a food culture that blends all cultures in one.

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Han Feng is fashion designer based in Shanghai and New York, who is renowned for finding the elegance in cultural fusion. But fashion is not her only passion, don’t even get her started on food…

Because food is something that affects us all, does that make us all eating designers?

We are all eating and food designers. There is beauty in everything we eat, from the basic ingredients to the multitude of flavours. We all have different palettes, thus translating into a collection of sorts. There are ingredients and combinations of dishes that we prefer with each season, but we all have staples that we always return to that defines our signature style, in a way. The joy of food allows for even those who are far removed from the world of design and arts, to incorporate a sense of beauty and design into their daily lives.

Can you design food culture? What would you include?

I would love to! It would be a blend of all cultures in one. The premise would be a healthy, fresh and satisfying experience. The culture would include everything from the ingredients to the actual dishes to the utensils to the dinnerware. Everything would be borrowed from a different part of the world. For example, I would come up with a tool that is the fusion between a fork and chopsticks. I would use Indian spices in an Italian dish. I would make sure that the flavours are a mix of something familiar with something new to the palette. The possibilities are truly endless. It would be sheer magic!

Watch a video of Han Feng presenting her work.

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