Food fight: Andy Fenner

Although eating has become a form of political expression, Andy Fenner doesn’t think it needs to be forced on anyone.

From the Series

Andy Fenner is a guy who really really likes food and writes about it. He has written for numerous SA magazines but is best known for his blog, Jamie Who?

Because food is something that affects us all, does that make us all eating designers?

Definitely not. You get people who approach food like a fuel. They just want to get it in their system and move on. If they could take a pill with the right amount of nutrients they would. I hate those people! An eating designer is someone that realises the role design plays in the food world.

In a stagnant First World, has ethical eating become a form of political expression?

Yes, but you don’t want it to become a question of what’s right or wrong. I can stand up and preach about why I have such strong beliefs on the provenance of food, but you would probably already know most of what I’d say. If you want to make a change, do it on your own account. And for the guys who have already made the change, don’t try and force it down other peoples’ throats; you might as well be the annoying Hare Krishna knocking on doors.