The font of life

Download and donate to the millions living without water.

As thousands of delegates attend the World Water Day summit in Durban, South Africa on Wednesday, Madrid-based graphic design studio Azul Recreo and the ONGAWA non-profit organisation released a campaign that hopes to provide water to people in countries such as Nicaragua, Peru, Tanzania, and Mozambique. The Font of Life campaign hopes to rewrite the reality of people who have no access to clean, drinking water.

Through the website, users will be able to download ‘Font of life’ in exchange for a donation, at the same time they will collaborate in development and implementation of safe water fountains in the chosen countries. The font is a modular typeface inspired by the movement of water.

The Font of Life

Its release coincides with World Water Day. Under the theme "Sanitation and Wastewater: The Untapped Resource", the day aims to highlight the plight of those still suffering from a lack of water and sanitation worldwide.

“The impact of the lack of water, sanitation and hygiene on people's lives is huge.That is why this campaign, in addition to raising funds, seeks to give voice to the problem and to claim the human right to water, as the basis of life and the main guarantee for decent living conditions,” writes Mateo Buitrago, Co-Founder of Azul Recreo.

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