Flip and Sketch by Ryan Frank

Ryan Frank's eco-sleeve design brand TAPEGear falls for flax.

Flax seems to be the material of the moment as this natural fibre finds its way into a variety of design applications. Ineke Hans recently employed it in the form of Nabasco, a Nature Based Composite that includes flax, while leading fabric brand Camira recently launched a new textile that mixes flax, wool and silk.

Now this renewable and environmentally sound fibre is being used in a new range of eReader and sketchpad sleeves for TAPEgear by sustainable designer Ryan Frank.

Flip and Sketch are the latest additions to TAPEgear's range of eco-sleeves for laptops, tablets and smart phones. The eReader and sketchpad sleeves use Fibribroad, a non-woven mat made from 100% flax fibres and recycled polypropylene.

"We're constantly expanding and looking at new technology, materials and production processes to stay ahead of the curve and deliver products that live up to our principles of innovation, functionality and sustainability," says Frank, a South African-born designer with studios in London and Barcelona.

Flip is suitable for eReaders and Kindles and secures the device using elastic. The sleeve, which has black accents, flips open and stands alone for hands-free reading.  

For those who prefer to take notes or doodle the old-school way, Sketch provides a sleeve for notepads and sketchbooks. Sketch comes in red and will keep those precious ideas and drawings protected while on the go.