Flaming up

Select Cape Town jewellers unite for the "Breath of Fire" jewellery exhibition, revealing a delicate beauty in handmade designs.

To celebrate a love for South African jewellery, Fine Ounce presents an exhibition that reveals the unique characteristics of handmade jewellery designs.

The Breath of Fire exhibition symbolises a treasure chest that is overflowing with beauty and adornments. The aim of the exhibition is to retain a detailed beauty and craftsmanship in an environment of mass manufacture and marketing madness. 

Breath of Fire showcases uniquely crafted jewellery by some of the top jewellery designers in Cape Town. Multiple materials and techniques are used to reveal the vast cultural and traditional heritage of jewellery in South Africa. Exhibiting work by Frieda Lühl, Maike Valcarcel, Adi Cloete, Adeline Joubert, Giselle Petty, Jane Mcilleron, Gela Tölken and Meagan Meredith, Breath of Fire reflects the unique and individual process of each designer.

The Breath of Fire exhibition is on display in Woodstock, Cape Town, until 22 November 2013. Hereafter, the exhibition will move to Is Art at Le Quartier Francaise, in Franschhoek from 25 November to 31 December 2012.