Faith47’s new project "Lay Your Weapons Down"

The Cape Town artist’s latest work is situated in a creative district of New York City and speaks to the power of human connection.

Faith47 has given another wall in a bustling metropolis a makeover. The Capetonian street artist has revived many urban surfaces across the globe with her larger-than-life, mixed-media artworks that capture the attention and imagination of pedestrians. Her newly-completed mural in New York will no doubt receive the same reactions.

“Lay Your Weapons Down” can now be seen on the side of an old brick building in Berry Street, Williamsburg – one of the most culturally-rich and artistic neighbourhoods in Brooklyn. Spanning the length of the wall is a giant sepia-coloured artwork of a couple locked in a tender embrace.

On her Instagram page the artist offers a brief statement on what inspired the piece: “This new mural is inspired by my on-going photographic series of couples kissing on the dance floor at the Evol nightclub in Cape Town. The mural speaks to the notion of home not being a place, but a feeling of human interconnectedness.”

She further elaborates on the idea of interconnectedness and how it is a reflection of the “fragility of human emotion and the power of touch,” as well as an alleviator of racial prejudice and violence.

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