Experimental street art inspired by the Cape

South African illustrator and street artist Anwar Davids aims to make his work accessible all over the world.

Anwar Davids hails from the Cape Flats, an area described by some as apartheid’s dumping ground. To Davids, an illustrator, the Western Cape’s expansive well-known collection of suburbs and informal settlements is a place of colour and challenges. Here, he finds inspiration for his drawings – an eclectic mixture of cubism, surrealism, and pop art.

“Every day I am inspired to create artworks that express my passion,” says Davids. “My style of work is merely experimental which allows me to challenge myself to be more creative. Past experiences and current affairs have a major influence in most of my illustrations.”

A graduate of Cape College, Davids takes an organic approach to his work, creating drawings using what he sees around him. “The streets is a place full of inspiration with constant activity and movement from sunrise to sunset. When I travel or walk about I find myself staring at my surroundings. Subconsciously I capture what I see,” he explains.

As a creative, Davids is driven to do art full-time but finds it difficult to bridge the divide between concept and consumer in Cape Town’s notoriously tough art scene. “I find that many locals don't understand my concepts which make it difficult to sell.

As long as I am breathing I will continue my journey and remain dedicated to the world of art.

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