Emoji keyboard highlights the plight of refugees

Virtual emoji keyboard lets the social media generation show they care about the plight of refugees.

Refugee Emojis highlights the plight of refugees.

Emojis are the staple of self-expression for the social media generation. Now the animated language has taken on a humanitarian edge with Refugee Emojis, an emoji keyboard and website aimed at raising awareness and raising donations for the 60 million people fleeing conflict and persecution in their home countries.

The global charity was launched to see to the needs of these refugees who are often forced to flee their home countries on foot or by boat with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

With this in mind, the charity created a virtual keyboard with 36 emojis that represent essential items and symbols for refugees. The emojis are shared as images in any messenger on a smartphone.

The images include essential needs that refugees are forced to live without, including water, socks, kindness, and the ability to communicate with friends and loved ones. Sharing these images shows that the user is aware of and sympathetic to the plight faced by refugees every day.

Seventy per cent of the apps purchase cost is donated to Doctors Without Borders. The organisation provides refugees with emergency medical care, water and sanitation, shelter, vaccinations, and psychological help.

The app was created by advertising agency SuperHeroes in collaboration with messaging developer Snaps and design portal, The FWA.