From either side

Troika's innovative kinetic sign for the Victoria and Albert Museum in London reads the same from all sides, thus the Palindrome!

Palindrome is a new kinetic sign located the Victoria & Albert Museum tunnel at the South Kensington underground station in London. The museum commissioned design trio Troika to create a permament sign for the museum at this location.

Troika’s “Palindrome” celebrates the V&A’s abundant collection of historic and cultural treasures, spanning some 3000 years. Speaking of the artifacts representing a multitude of periods and design styles, Troika says: “We created an object that embodies this spirit, intricately crafted, eclectic and memorable.”

The V&A monogram, originally designed by Alan Fletcher, stands at the centre of the design. The logo is comprised of separate revolving parts that attaches and detaches itself with each half turning to form a playful palindrome (a word which reads the same form either side). The wheels on which the sign turns has a soft ticking sound reminiscent of a Victorian Automaton clockwork.


Watch the Talk with Troika