Eco-friendly digs for the modern nomad

The University of Porto (UPTEC), Portuguese startup Ecocubo created a prefab perfect for travellers.

Portuguese startup Ecocubo’s 96-square-foot prefab is intended to host nomads who find themselves roughing it in the wild. It’s an environmentally friendly alternative living space designed by architect António Fernandes in collaboration with the Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto (UPTEC).

The modular space is built out of wood and cork, lending it a natural aesthetic. It can be prefabricated and hauled to any location. Convertible furniture makes the living space comfortable to inhabit. Its use of basic materials and its size reduces the space’s carbon footprint significantly.

According to Treehugger, the Ecocubo makes “glamping” a less indulgent, less environmentally harmful experience, allowing for a comfortable, yet natural experience of camping or nomad life.

Fernandes adds, “Ecocubo aims to constitute itself as a sustainable building brand identity, and simultaneously as a catalyst for sites with great tourism potential that need infrastructures and support equipment. In this way, the project also shows other places outside the traditional itineraries, contributing to the development of local activities and economies.”