Easy for all

Living Architecture is part social experiment, part democratising luxury. Either way, it’s an interesting concept.

Initiatives that make luxury and exclusivity more accessible are always welcome. And when it means taking top-notch architecture to the masses its even more exciting.

Living Architecture is a non-profit organisation founded by aesthetic activist Alain de Botton. The dual premise of Living Architecture is to both revolutionise the way architecture is experienced, as well as holiday home rentals in the UK.

Committed to “sensitising” people to the art and creativity of the built environment, Living Architecture commissioned houses by leading architects including Peter Zumthor, Michael and Patty Hopkins, NORD, Jarmund/Vigsnaes Architects and MVRDV. The interiors of the houses are also furnished and finished by leading designers. The organisation also has the very simple objective “to shift perceptions of modern architecture”. They state on their website: “We wanted to allow people to experience what it is like to live, eat and sleep in a space designed by an outstanding architectural practice.”

The interior of the previously featured Balancing Barn, by architects MVRDV, was designed by Studio Makkink & Bey. Other spaces in the Living Architecture collection also have interesting names like the Shingle House, the Dune House, the Long House and the Secular Retreat.