Easily programmable

An interactive building toy, Plick, turns just about anything into a modular, programmable gadget.

Brazilian-born designer Gabriel Paciornik has created an interactive building toy that easily turns everyday objects into programmable gadgets.

“Plick” comprises different robotic parts that are connected through elastic wiring. These components are able to transmit electricity and can easily be attached to a myriad objects, and even to people, to create a variety of modular toys. These objects are then “programmed” by clicking the various parts in different combinations.

Paciornik explains: “Once connected, it starts spinning (there is a button to change the direction of the spin). To the same battery, a sensor (lets say, a light sensor) can be attached. When the light sensor is attached to the engine, the engine stops working, and will only spin in the moment the sensor detects light. There are a range of different sensors, such as sound sensors, distance sensors, and many other that can be built. Instead of an engine, many other actuators could be attached to the sensors, such as speakers, lamps and others."

The idea is that Plick allows complex behaviours and programming to emerge from very simple connection of its different units. The particular design allows it to be attached to different objects, to create the desired action and interactivity.