Drawing the contemporary culinary landscape of Africa

Congo-born Chef Dieuveil Malonga is taking African cuisine into the upper echelons of international gastronomy.

From the Series

Born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, raised in Germany, and living in France, Chef Dieuveil Malonga is pioneering the culinary style of African Fusion. Today the average diet is informed by influences from across the globe – Peruvian quinoa or Japanese sushi – but traditional African cuisine is largely ignored.

"My ambition is to write a new story of gastronomy which has its roots in Africa," says Dieuveil.

African high gastronomy is still in its infancy, but Dieuveil is sweating over the stove to put food from the African pantry at the rank of high gastronomy with his African Fusion cuisine. He accommodates African flavours and traditions to modern, contemporary eating.

His dishes reinvent existing dishes such as Mbongo Thobi – a speciality of the Bassa people from in Cameroon. Where the Bassa traditionally use catfish, Dieuveil uses scallops. He also uses indigenous African plants, spices, and flavours such as Ethiopian berbere, Madagascar vanilla, plantain dumplings, quail yassas and powder baobab.

Dieuveil uses the best quality products combined with technical excellence to enrich and deepen the definition of the African way of gastronomy and sophistication. At only 23-years old, Dieuveil is already planning to open a restaurant. He is also working on mapping gourmet Africa and all the products and recipes that people across the continent use.