Documenting the beautiful game

Hosting the first World Cup on African soil is a big deal so its important to document the design process and results of this tournament.

No doubt 2010 will be the year that all South Africans remember as the year of the World Cup. In celebration and recognition of this occasion and everything associated with it, from architecture to design, infrastructure, transport and identity, DESIGNING_SOUTHAFRICA are undertaking a project to document South Africa’s urban and design development for the soccer tournament and beyond.

The project is a unique and independent record of the impact of the World Cup, highlighting the effect that the event has on communities, cultures, the economy and the environment.

The project is a collaborative effort that will see journalists and editors from some of the world’s top design publications visiting local design specialists, and city and government agents to learn more about the design and development of the World Cup in South Africa. The journalists and editors will then write about their experiences of South Africa as a host nation.

All visits will be filmed and photographed for inclusion on the DESIGNING_SOUTHAFRICA website as well as a book that will be launched in February 2011 and sold both locally and internationally.