Dancing for products

Revital Cohen's latest project "75 Watt" explores human movement in mass-manufacturing through a choreographic dance.

Exploring the nature of mass-manufacture, Revital Cohen’s 75 Watt project brings together visual art and contemporary choreography.

Revital Cohen and Tuur van Balen have collaborated to create a choreographic dance performance using labourers manufacturing a product in a mass-production line.

The project seeks to go beyond the assembling of a product to explore the production line from the context of hyper-fragmented labour to the condition of the human body on the assembly line. Scientific management of every move made transforms each labourer into a kind of man-machine and highlights the most human-form of motion: dance.  

The design of the object was informed by research we carried out into conventional consumer goods such as kettles, hand-held vacuums and hairdryers, and the movements involved in assembling them, says Cohen.

The dance/assembly of products took place in Zhongshan, China between 10 and 19 March 2013 and resulted in the creation of 40 objects and a film documenting choreography and movement. 

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