Crystal cathedral at London2011

The "Perspectives" installation in the Geometric Staircase of St Paul's Cathedral in London offers a different view of this architectural masterpiece.

Swarovski Crystal Palace and John Pawson have collaborated to create a new perspective of St Paul’s Cathedral in London for the London Design Festival, taking place from 17 to 25 September 2011.

Marking the 300th anniversary of the completion of the cathedral by Sir Christopher Wren, Swarovski and Pawson created an installation in the Geometric Staircase of St Paul’s.

Titled “Perspectives” the installation aims to show a different view of Wren’s architectural masterpiece and will remain open to the public until January 2012.

Wren was adamant that his buildings should incorporate scientific elements. For this reason “Perspectives” uses the largest Swarovski lens ever manufactured to create a dramatic optical experience that relies on scientific subtlety, material simplicity and a complex combination of light, space and proportion to reflect the rich history and beauty of the environment.

A concave Swarovski crystal meniscus will sit on a much larger reflective hemisphere at the foot of the Geometric Staircase. It will have a spherical convex mirror suspended 23cm above in the tower’s cupola. These optical elements will work together to create a unique composite image of the view up through the tower for viewers gathered around the hemisphere at the base.

Seeing beyond the level of the naked eye, viewers will have a new perspective of this iconic building.