Creativity central

70 Juta Street is Jo'burg's new creative and cultural hotspot, with shops, galleries, restaurants and a cool urban vibe.

Getting young people, both those from the Northern Suburbs and those from the townships, back into the city is what 70 Juta Street hopes to achieve.

Located in Braamfontein, the heart of the Johannesburg CDB, 70 Juta Street is a new cultural precinct, bringing a creative edge to the city. The spot now plays host to galleries, underground nightspots, lifestyle shops, restaurants and good times.

70 Juta Street is an attempt to rejuvenate the authenticity, vibrancy and pulse that Jo’burg emanates, despite this particular area’s notorious reputation. Adam Levy is the precinct developer and explains the need for a city “melting pot” where all kinds of people can engage and meet other amazing people: “The sort of thing you get in any other functioning city in the world. It’s about engaging with the city streets – you’ll notice that there are never any burglar bars in any of my buildings; it’s about saying, ‘hi, we’re open, we’re part of a community and we want you to be involved’”.

Being a fusion of style and creativity, 70 Juta Street offers something of the natural flow of a city, rather than beings a constructed space for creativity.