Creative makeover

The healing power of art and creativity is helping to uplift and empower teen boys living on the streets of Cape Town.

Sometimes a splash of colour can go a long way towards helping to uplift a particular group or community. Percy Bartley House in Woodstock, Cape Town, is one such case in point.

Ad agency Ogilvy adopted the NGO as their unofficial community upliftment gig a few years ago. Percy Bartley House cares for troubled teen boys, those involved in petty crimes, drugs and the general suffering associated with living on the streets of Cape Town.

The organisation operates from an old home and provides more than just shelter for the boys. They are also taught various life skills and given training in a variety of disciplines. Ogilvy has now collaborated with Ricky Lee Gordon of Write on Africa and nine high profile local artists to give the physical building, the organization and the boys their dignity back by adding colours and murals to the walls. Artists involved in the project include Faith47, Black Koki, Fuzzy Slipperz and Linsey Levendall.

The project wants to draw attention to the plight of street children, and how art and colour can help to inspire and uplift the youth.

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