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Design students from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology were assigned with the task of creating a book sleeve or poster.

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To expose this group of students to the international world of design, and in particular graphic design, they were asked to research a variety of designers, both international and local, using the Design Indaba website as their portal.

Their research was presented in the form of a mock interview with the designer, which was acted out with the help of another student. This exercise showcased their knowledge of the designer and his work, which became the basis for executing the main task.

This took the form of designing a book sleeve which folded out to become a poster. The cover was to capture the chosen design guru's approach to design with the usual shelf impact, and then, the added value of the poster further unfolding that conceptual extra.

Concept, typography, layout and presentation were some of the main criteria used in the evaluation. The work definitely speaks for itself. Congratulations to the CPUT students whose work has been featured here.