A clear future

The Airbus 2050 concept considers the (transparent) future of air travel.

In all likelihood in the future air travel will be a far more social experience. It may well also really give travellers a birds-eye view of the world.

The Airbus 2050 concept, designed in response to user surveys about the future of air travel, allows for a more comfortable and interactive travelling experience, and one that prioritises environmental efficiency.

Doing away with the different class cabins, the Airbus 2050 will have different "lifestyle zones", each with a panoramic view. This is thanks to the transparent body of the aircraft.

Airbus 2050 suggests that a “smart tech” zone will allows travellers to conduct virtual meetings and lectures or communicate with friends through integrated technology and private “pop-up pods”. A “vitalising” zone will see seats adapting to the body shape of the passenger while giving massages, aromatherapy treatments or relaxing “sound showers”. In the “interaction zone” passengers can browse a virtual shopping mall or play games.

For added convenience, hand luggage will be taken at the entrance of this concept craft where passengers are scanned in with a biometric hand sensor. In the seat the passenger’s body heat is collected, through the seat, and used for powering the cabin facilities.

It is proposed that the Airbus 2050 will use smart, lightweight materials and composites. Longer and slimmer wings on the craft will also work to improve airflow and fuel efficiency. Furthermore, the engines will be at the rear, working to reduce noise levels. The tail end of the Airbus 2050 is U-shaped to reduce external noise pollution since the more reliable engine will prevent the need for a vertical tail.