City to city

Cape Town creatives band together for STAD, a pop-up in Jo'burg, and connect city-to-city in an atmosphere of creativity.

STAD is a retail pop-up shop formed by up coming creatives and designers in Cape Town. From September to December 2012 they will be popping up in Braamfontein, Johannesburg bringing a new and exciting ambience of creativity.

Labelled as a "lifestyle shopping destination", STAD encompasses beautifully crafted products ranging from furniture, apparel, jewellery, illustration and ceramics. The designers behind these creations include Dark Horse, Mingo Lamberti, Lauren Fowler, Dear Rae, Woven Ceramics and Diana Ceramics.

 “We wanted a name that was colloquial and could become part of your everyday city experience. Through STAD we hope to offer something exciting and dynamic to the incredible atmosphere in Braamfontein,” says Jarred Nelson, co-owner of Dark Horse.

The aim of STAD is to showcase work from one city to another, allowing for greater connectivity, awareness and support for local talent. Stad to stad - city to city.