Beyond tomorrow

Sustainability is all the rage. Check out how designers are contributing to the global objective.

The "Sustainable Futures: Can Design Make a Difference?" exhibition is on at the Design Museum until 5 September 2010.

The exhibition showcases design and architecture projects that explore different aspects of sustainability built around the themes: Cities, Energy and Economics, Food, Materiality and Creative Citizen.

Fashion designer Christopher Raeburn’s Digital Rainbow Collection is one of the highlights at the exhibition. Raeburn reuses Ministry of Defense parachute materials to create stylish garments. Stockholm’s Interactive Institute is responsible for the Energy AWARE Clock that monitors energy consumption in a domestic household. Mathieu Lehanneur’s Local River project in collaboration with Antony van den Bossche is a concept for a domestic “refrigerator-aquarium” that breeds freshwater fish and grows herbs. The C,mm,n (pronounced common) open-source hydrogen car has a zero-emission hydrogen engine and was conceived by the Netherlands Society for Nature and the Environment.

The interactive displays, visuals, films, samples and footage included in the exhibition all support the use of sustainable and ethically sourced materials. The exhibition encourages visitors to reconsider their own consumption habits and how they can individually embrace sustainability.

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