Benefitting from bamboo

A new range of furniture makes optimal use of bamboo as material while also employing local artisans from an Indian village.
Posted 2 Aug 10 By Design Indaba Creative Work / Design News Comments

From the Series

Developed by Indian designer Sandeep Sangaru, “Truss Me” is a sustainable furniture system, exploring the possibilities of using solid bamboo poles as construction material.

The collection uses modular forms and lamination joints in innovative ways to create some rather desirable pieces of furniture.

The strength of bamboo fibres means that it can withstand compression and carry dense loads. The technique used in the “Truss Me” range involved splitting and laminating the poles with another strip of split bamboo. When the glue cures, the laminated module acts like a truss.

Prototypes for “Truss Me” were made in the village of Sankhela, Tripura, India together with a group of local artisans. Bamboo is an abundant resource in this area and cultivated in organised plantations.

Equipment needed for the production of this collection is very simple and the different construction components are all modular and repetitive, which allows for easy assembly.