Bamboo bar

A bar made of bamboo in Vietnam not only uses low cost materials but also looks like a great place to have a drink.

From the Series

The WNW Bar - for wind and water bar - was designed by Vietnamese Architectural Studio Vo Trang Nghia Located in the centre of Thu Dau Mot in the Binh Duong Province in the southern part of the country, the WNW Bar is characterised by low cost materials, high speed construction and ease of transport, as this region is prone to flooding.

As bamboo trees are popularly grown in Vietnam, and gaining popularity as an efficient building material worldwide, the arch system of the bar is made with 48 units of bamboo elements, spanning some 10 metres in height and 15 metres in length. The roof is covered with sheets made of bamboo leaves, known for their resistance to fire.

The WNW Bar is located around a man-made lake, which allows the structure to draw on natural wind energy and the cooling effect of the water from the lake to stimulate ventilation. There’s also a hole in the roof with a diameter of 1.5 metres to allow the hot air to escape.