Back to the future

Photographer David Trautrimas shows his steampunk fictions at the LE Gallery in Toronto, Canada, until 30 May 2010.
Posted 3 May 10 By Design Indaba Creative Work / Design News Comments

Photographer David Trautrimas’s The Spyfrost Project is on exhibit at the LE Gallery in Toronto, Canada, until 30 May 2010.

The Spyfrost Project is an architectural composition of recycled modern home appliances. The result is something between architecture and futuristic machinery, reminiscent of the military outposts of the Cold War era.

Trautrimas used recycled fridges, lawnmowers and washing machines for installations that highlight the parallel between the rise of postwar consumerism and the Military Industrial Complex. The photographs are futuristic with a destructive edge, which emphasises the link between destruction and progress in modern living.

The Spyfrost Project seeks a balance between the promised utopian culture of leisure, made possible by the latest in modern manufacturing, and the threat of a global catastrophe. This series provokes the tense equilibrium between the extremes of design and technology.