Ready for personalised public transport? Check out the semi-automated Wi-Fly Pod.

It’s super fly, this new Wi-Fly by Phil Pauley. The first semi-autonomous public transport pod, Wi-Fly Pod is a personalised public and private transportation device that requires the driver to stand while driving.

The Wi-Fly Pod uses GPS guidance systems and street recognition software, which allows to be wirelessly upgraded for performance and maintenance checks.

With a maximum speed of only 48km/h and fitted with some 10 cameras to record the driver’s every move, the Wi-Fly is ideal for a bustling urban enviroment.

The idea is that Wi-Fly Pods will be located at strategic locations around public infrastructure hubs. Individuals are then able to rent these “cars” and are charged on a time-distance calculation. Once the user has arrived at their destination, the Pod will return to the nearest strategic location where it will attach itself to the back of the queue of Pods to recharge.

The folks at Phil Pauley says the unit is easily handled in the urban environment, being a mere one-sixth the size of the average car and safer than a bicycle. The Pod is designed to be handled standing up and can take about three people, with room for luggage or groceries.