Artist Dan Cretu’s quirky creations are made entirely out of food

Food designer, photographer, and eco-artist Dan Cretu creates zany sculptures using fruit and veg.

From the Series

Something and Something Else is Romanian food designer Dan Cretu’s playful take on turning food into everyday items. From a cabbage brain to chewing gum bacon, Cretu uses artful sculpture techniques and photography to bring his creative musings to life.

Using food, Cretu’s creations take four hours to build and photograph. “The challenge is to transform a common object that we don't notice anymore into something unusual, alive, and appealing,” Cretu was quoted as saying.

“We all have observations like: ‘Hey! This strawberry looks like a tiny heart!’ But I see a little bit more and want to show you that in this surprising series,” he adds.

He calls his niche “eco-art” and finds inspiration for his quirky food creations in all things. His first creation was an orange bicycle and he soon became fascinated with creating art using the fragile materials provided by Mother Nature.

“However, sculpting materials that are 90 per cent made of water is a challenge every time. I don’t rely on postproduction. I only use it to erase traces of pins and to add background,” he says.