Arrivals and Departures is about the connections between people

Human relationships are at the centre of Jacob Aue Sobol’s haunting black and white series.

Photographer Jacob Aue Sobol’s series of black and white pictures, Arrivals and Departures, tells the story of what connects us as human beings. He began his journey at his childhood home in the suburbs of Copenhagen. He travelled through Northern Poland, the Baltics, Russia, Mongolia, and Northern China documenting the lives and landscapes he found along the way. Now, his tour is about to come to an end. In his final destination, he will travel to Siberia from Yakutsk to Magadan, along the "Road of Bones."

“Our goal is to venture deep into Siberia, searching for traces of life, solidarity and humanity in the coldest inhabited areas on earth,” writes Sobol. “We’ll spend a month photographing in extreme conditions, where loneliness and isolation lurk.”

The photographer launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to help fund an exhibition and the development of the final book to document this massive journey through Eastern Europe and Asia.

“As the project comes to an end, I will be working with editors and printers to bring it to life. We plan to organize exhibitions around Europe and the world to share this beautiful experience with all of you,” he says.

Here are some the images that make up Sobol’s haunting series:

WARNING: Some of these images contain nudity.