Altered perceptions

Troika challenged the tension between perception and reality at this year's Art Basel.

Troika’s experimental practice and interest in perception and spatial experience wowed audiences at this year’s Art Basel. 

Known for employing a cross-disciplinary approach in design, Troika’s recent works showcased at Art Basel in Switzerland included “Squaring the Circle” and “Small Bang”. Both works reflected the fundamental tension between perception and reality, falling inline with Art Basel’s focus on modern and visual arts of the 20th and 21st century. 

“Squaring the Circle” is constructed from steel, which is wrapped in a dense black flannel that absorbs light. Designed to challenge the viewer’s sensibilities; on entering the room visitors are presented with a black circular sculpture, which is transformed into a square due to a large mirror opposite the artwork. The installation opens the viewer’s senses to the possibilities that objects have a plurality of perspectives and appearances. 

The “Small Bang” series incorporates multiple ink drawings by which a dot of black ink is applied to specialised paper, which then forms a reaction by separating the dye until the black disappears and only colour is left. The spreading of colour results in shapes that blend and spread with myriad colours.

“Squaring the Circle” and “Small Bang” were first presented in Troika’s solo exhibition, The Far Side of Reason and was presented at the 2013 Art Basel, Switzerland. 

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