Aeon Rocket pendant light by Morten Voss

The Danish designer's new light harmoniously marries rigid material and malleable plastic.

As its name suggests, Morten Voss’s Aeon Rocket pendant light for Lightyears, has something of a futuristic appeal – although its shape seems to be inspired more by a spaceship than a rocket. Utilising an unusual combination of polypropylene and metal, the light’s unified form conveys the impression of weightlessness. There is harmony both in the form of the pendant and the marriage of its materials – rigid metal and malleable plastic.

Under the convex dome of the metal shade rest thin layers of polypropylene painstakingly woven together by hand to create a mandala-like array of vertical tubes. These diffuse the light, directing it downward in a central beam and softening any horizontal illumination from the bulb.

The overall effect when illuminated is a pendant that seems to balance on light – a levitating spaceship, if you will.

Voss, a Dane, is no stranger to innovating with materials: his acclaimed Flightdeck table married concrete and aluminium in new and evocative ways. As a self-taught designer, he has a bold approach and is not afraid to step outside of tradition. This is his second design for Lightyears, following his Atomheart lamp in 2005, which was also inspired by science fiction.

The lamp was launched in the Light Junction section of Design Junction at the recent 2014 London Design Festival.