Abilities of design

The What Design Can Do conference in Amsterdam brings together creatives thinking about design as a mindset for addressing social issues.

More than an aesthetic “thing”, design should be viewed as a mindset for addressing social issues. An international conference, What Design Can Do, taking place in Amsterdam from 26 to 27 May 2011 looks at the social impact of design.

Aiming to provide an inspiring platform for an international movement, What Design Can Do is an initiative from within the Dutch design community comprising designers, architects, fashion designers and social designers. These designers work on various solutions regarding shape, strategy or production methods in their respective fields of expertise.

Designers participating in the conference include photographer and art director Oliviero Toscani, Scott Stowell from Good Magazine, architects from MVRDV, fashion designer Monique van Heist and design agency Thonik.

More than a conference, What Design Can Do will also be presenting workshops to encourage designers from across the globe to present their ideas, draft solutions and exchange strategies. All these ideas will be compiled into a “Book of Great Ideas and Solutions” which be presented at the end of the two-day event.

Design Indaba will in Amsterdam, covering the event. Keep an eye on www.designindaba.com for news, updates and interviews from the conference.

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