A’ Design Award winners

The results are in! A’ Design Award & Competition announces its best designers and designs for 2013 to 2014.

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Results are in! A’ Design Award & Competition have announced the best designers and designs for 2013 to 2014. More than 12 000 entries from 200 countries competed for the coveted A’ Design Prize. Among these entries, 760 entries in 75 categories from 78 countries were awarded one of Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze or A’ (Iron) Design Award distinctions.

Based on the number of countries, the International A’ Design Award & Competition is the world's most diffused and largest design competition that covers all different design fields and disciplines including but not limited to spatial design and architecture, graphic and communication design, industrial design, service design and many others. 

A’ Design Award differentiates itself from other design competitions for their immense focus on promotion and publicity of winners; it is the only design competition for which its results are translated into over 20 languages for true international reach. A’ Design Award laureates are also given a special PR campaign, which includes press kit preparation and distribution service to reach editors worldwide. Award winners are annually invited to take part in the glamorous gala night and award ceremony in Italy. Discover more here

A’ Design Award & Competition is one of the most serious and well-respected design accolades thanks to its 50-person experienced jury panel comprising academics, press members and scholars. Entries are peer-reviewed and voted blindly following strict guidelines and distinct criteria in each award category for fair evaluation of entries.

Deadline for early entries is on 30 June 2014. Results will be announced on 15 April 2015. Learn more about A’ Design Award here where you will find the award presentation in over 35 languages or visit the website to register and nominate your work!