Carlo Ratti & Assaf Biderman: Our world is starting to talk back to us

MIT SENSEAble City Lab director and associate director Carlo Ratti and Assaf Biderman look to the digital future of cities.

Respectively the director and associate director of the MIT SENSEAble City Lab, Carlo Ratti and Assaf Biderman explain how the built environment can talk to us, using digital technology.

Explaining that cities are like real-time control systems, Ratti and Biderman consider ways that we interact with cities and what the future city might entail, in terms of its physical and cyber footprint.

What kind of future do we want to imagine for a city that is both cyber and physical? Biderman asks.

The duo show examples of their work, including a project that uses digital technology to encourage people to cycle in the city.

We want to take data and use it for the public good, says Ratti.

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