Wintec Innovation wins Innovation Award 2013

Design Indaba Expo 2013's Innovation Award went to Al Stratford's design company Wintec Innovation, for their Stratflex systems.

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Design Indaba Expo’s Innovation Award and prize money of R50 000 is presented to one exhibitor each year at the annual design event. It was launched in 2012 to encourage exhibitors to bring new products to the Expo and to push themselves in terms of quality and originality.

This year Wintec Innovation took away the prize, for their newly patented technology of their Stratflex furniture system. Using specialised rubbers, this technology allows rigid boards like plywood to bend in a strategically flexible way, in three dimensions. This means the furniture can be flat packed – minimising transportation costs – and can be designed for self-assembly by the buyer or storeowner.

Al Stratford of Wintec Innovation is all for innovation in design. He says that as creative beings we are unique animals on the planet, and we need to use this gift to work together and come up with ideas that will benefit people. 

Winning this prestigious award has given him the opportunity to showcase Wintec’s innovative new technology while also receiving invaluable feedback from the general public, helping them to grow their platform even further.

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