FoxP2 on how the fields of commerce and creativity intersect

FoxP2 reveal their seven key principles for succeeding in a creative business – using Star Wars as inspiration.

Creative agency FoxP2 believe in making decisions based on creative integrity. Representing the Cape Town agency at Design Indaba 2012 were its founder Justin Gomes and partner Charl Thom.

In their talk at Design Indaba Conference they use Star Wars as a case study to highlight the seven creative principles that have helped their business to succeed over the last few years.

1. Best practice cannnot be applied to truly original work

In their discussion of “best practice” and “better practice”, FoxP2 says that “best practice” is what is already understood in the creative society, while "better practice” seeks to look forward, transporting people to new and unknown places.  

Their second creative principle is used to reinforce the work they did on the "Drive Dry" campaign for Brandhouse, one of South Africa's leading premium alcohol beverage companies.

2. Have the courage to see your vision through

"When we presented the campaign to the client they were absolutely terrified," says Thom. "We felt like we were holding a hand grenade."

Using their advertising work to illustrate their creative principles, FoxP2 continues to unravel their seven key tenets for succeeding in business.

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