Bibliothèque on design and the creative process

OCD, lingerie, award ceremonies, design tools, Dieter Rams and classical orchestras – Bibliothèque talk about their creative endeavours.

Design studio Bibliothèque believes it is important to always make an effort to explore, travel and to enrich oneself, as this positively influences the creative process.

Sometimes to achieve the desired goal you've got to take the most difficult route, says Bibliothèque.

"We're collectors," they say at Design Indaba Conference in 2011. Here, they talk about taking the path of most resistance, budget constraints, creating a visual language for a lingerie retailer and playing with 3D forms... And then there’s the work they did for the Le Corbusier retrospective.

For Bibliothèque  design is as much about what is left out, as what has been put it. Simply put, for these designers it’s about knowing when to stop. The trio talk about designing the identity for a contemporary classical orchestra and the benefits of collaborating for creating something new. 

They also discuss their poster designs and ways of making “yes” and “no” interesting on graphic work for the D and AD Awards ceremony.

Finally, looking to “less and more”, Bibliothèque talk about the work they did for a Dieter Rams retrospective. They also point to the importance of travel and exploring in order to enrich oneself because “you can’t design in a vacuum”.