DI Expo 2014 Trends

Here's a look at four hot trends that made waves at Design Indaba Expo 2014.

Bicycles, triangles, black and white as well as skull and bones as a motif trended at Design Indaba Expo 2014. 

From the electric to the self-made, from the motif to the driving force, bicycles popped up all over, while the black and white Spring/Summer 2014 fashion trend set the tone for home and décor accessories. 

You don't have to have a morbid personality to love bone and skeletal-inspired home décor and fashion designs. Several local designers explored skeletons as inspiration and form for products in a fresh and interesting way.

Geometric patterns and shapes have also been trending for quite some time. At this year's Design Indaba Expo triangles seemed to be the polygon of choice for many designers.